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If it wasn’t already obvious, we’re serious about sustainability.

It’s estimated that Australian’s waste $400 million a year on unwanted Christmas presents alone, with gifts often ending up in landfill. But gifting shouldn’t be so complicated so we’ve created your go - to gift store for eco conscious gifts that you’d actually want to receive (no re-gifting here!).

We’re also committed to making as many aspects of our business as sustainable as possible, right down to our shipping methods.

Tree Planting

For every order we plant one tree in areas of Australia that need it the most. The devastating effects of Australia's bushfire season rapidly impacts bush habitat and the future of many Australian wildlife species.

We hope by planting trees, we can help minimise the impact of this and restore much needed bushland.

One tree planted for every order
Callie Brandmark

Our keepsake boxes are built to last a lifetime, with each box hand made from Australian forestry certified pine.

This is a practical solution to reducing your carbon footprint as wood stores carbon for life. Shaving by products from the manufacturing of our boxes is used as wood wool filler in your gifts or donated to Kanyana Wildlife Hospital where it is used in the resident echidnas bedding to insulate and for them to burrow into.

Your gift box will come packed safely in a recyclable box, with compostable/ water soluble packing peanuts to keep it safe on its way to you.

Sustainable products

Each brand we stock is carefully selected to ensure that it has minimal impact on the planet and is packaged in recycled or compostable plastic, or better yet is completely plastic free.

We've made a considered effort to avoid all single use plastics.

sustainable products
Carbon neutral delivery

We've partnered with carbon neutral shipping providers to ensure that we’re offsetting the environmental impact of our deliveries.

We promise that we’re committed to doing our bit but for full transparency, we make no claims of perfectionism or being perfectly plastic free! Sustainability isn’t black and white, but hopefully we’re making the world a little more green.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."
Maya Angelou

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