Create Your Own Gift Box

Customised Gift Boxes, Adding That Personal Touch

Nothing Says I Love You Like A Callie Gift Co. Custom Gift Box

How often have you shopped around for a gift box and found that something seems to be missing in each one you look at? That’s the beauty of what we do here at Callie Gift Co. Not only do we have pre-made gift boxes for sale, but we’ll also let you create your own gift box to ensure your loved one gets the perfect present they deserve. And with every purchase, we’ll plant a tree. So, what are you waiting for? Make your own gift box with products from Callie Gift Co. today!

Tips For Creating Bespoke Gift Boxes They Will Love

If this is your first time looking into customised gift boxes, you’ll likely need a hand getting started. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Below are some questions to help you put together the perfect gift box for your loved one. 

  • What’s the occasion?
  • We have heaps of products, and you’re guaranteed to find something for every occasion. But you don’t want to put a cocktail mixer into a gift box intended to congratulate someone on their pregnancy. So, you want to make sure you’re considering the occasion before selecting items willy nilly. This will also show the recipient you care about them and have really thought about a way to give them something they will enjoy. 

  • Who is it for?
  • Personality, relationship, circumstance: these are all things to consider when building your gift box. Is the recipient a writer? In this case, a journal might be the way to go. Maybe they love a bath, drink a lot of coffee or love to entertain guests. Choosing items that you feel the recipient will really resonate with will help elevate your gift, giving it the personal touch other premade gift boxes might be missing. 

  • What is your intention for the gift?
  • More than just considering the occasion, you might want to have a think about why a gift box is the best option for your loved one. Maybe you want to express compassion, love, condolences or apology. Maybe it’s for a friend who works too hard, and so you want to create a gift box that encourages them to relax. How would you like the recipient to utilise their gift? Keep this in mind when selecting gift box items. 

  • Do you have a budget?
  • How much are you willing to spend? The beauty of these gift boxes other than the box itself is no one gift box is a fixed price, meaning you can pick and choose items according to your budget. 

  • Which box is best? We have a couple to choose from so really think about the recipient and which box they’d like. If you think they’d like something personal as a keepsake, then our custom keepsake box might be the way to go. Alternatively, we have our eco-friendly boxes, which are light and easily recycled. Try to keep this all in mind when customising your gift box. 

  • Can anyone else help me decide?
  • Is there someone else who is close to the recipient who could help you decide on which items to include? You might want to reach out to their partner, friends, or even a coworker who might be able to help narrow it down for you. And, If all this still seems a bit too much, we are, of course, here to help as well. Alternatively, you can take a look at our pre-made gift boxes for some inspo. You never know, it might jostle up some ideas! 

    Frequently Asked Questions About Customising Your Own Gift Box 

    It’s likely there are some more things you want to know about our customised gift boxes. So here are some frequently asked questions we’ve tried to answer as comprehensively as we can:

    Is there a limit on items per gift box? 

    We have a limit of 8 items per gift box 

    Do I need to include a message? 

    Including a message is optional, of course, but if you’d like us to send the gift without one, that is fine too.

    Which box should I choose? 

    We have three options: an eco gift box, a signature keepsake gift box and a custom keepsake gift box. Our eco gift box is perishable and can be recycled at the recipient's discretion. Both keepsake boxes are made out of wood, with the custom keepsake gift box made to order, giving buyers the option to engrave them. If you need some more assistance choosing a suitable gift box, refer to our advice above or contact our friendly team. 

    Can you help with alternatives if a product is out of stock?

    You can choose any of our other available products to include in your custom gift box. Alternatively, you can leave us your contact information, and we’ll be in touch when the product is back in stock.

    I’m having trouble selecting items. Can you help? 

    Yes, we’re always here to assist you with whatever you need. Please send any queries via the enquiries form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

    If You Want To Customise A Giftbox For Some You Care About, Callie Gift Co. Can Help

    Callie Gift Co. was founded by me, Kristy. Inspired by the Australian bushfires and Covid-19 lockdowns, we opened our doors in 2020, hoping to encourage a little more kindness and compassion in the world. Offering stunning gift options for your loved ones, our products are not only sustainable, but each purchase gives back to the planet. We even plant a tree for every gift box sold! All the brands we work with are eco-conscious, meaning every product you purchase from Callie Gift Co. is consciously curated for your peace of mind. Plus, we ship Australia-wide. So whether you’re after a weekly planner, baby essentials, or even custom-made gift boxes, you can rest assured that every time you purchase from Callie Gift Co., you’ll not only be giving your loved one a gift to remember, but you’ll be doing your bit to save the earth. Contact the Callie Gift Co. team today!