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Cocktail Shaker Gift Set

For people & the planet, Callie Gift Co was founded on a love of giving and a passion for sustainability.

Coupe cocktail glasses
Every order plants one tree

At the start of 2020 the world seemed to go mad with the Australian bushfire crisis hijacking our Summer and COVID-19 following shortly after.

When things started locking down and the world needed a little more compassion and kindness, I was underwhelmed with the availability of gifts available online. Sure, there were stores with beautiful products but most of them were pretty generic and came at the expense of the planet.

I wanted to be able to customise gifts to send directly to loved ones so that I could be there for them, without actually being there (hello lockdowns!).

And if you can’t see the change we need, you can always be it!

So, I set out to create a space for you to shop beautiful gifts that were worth giving and consciously curated. With a range of curated gifts, or the option to create your own gift box at the click of a button you can get back to celebrating life’s little moments with a whole lot of love delivered to someone’s door.

The brands we work with are eco conscious, socially responsible and driven by the same desire to see the planet thrive.

Enjoy gifting for good,

Kristy x