Six Tips to Give Great Gifts this Holiday Season

Is there anything worse than agonising over what to get someone? You do your best to find an amazing gift. You wrap up a present and take it to the recipient. You watch them open it and instantly see, on their face, that they don’t like the gift. 

Actually, that moment is probably worse than trying to find the right gift. 

Even if you didn’t like the gift that much, it still hurts to know you got them something they didn’t like. Gift giving does not have to include fake smiles, awkward thank you’s, and disappointment. Even if you feel like you’ve never given a great gift before, we know that you can! 

At Callie Gift Co, we pride ourselves on giving gifts that light up the recipient’s face when they open it. We know there are few feelings that compare to giving a great gift. Here are our six tips to make sure your next gift is one the recipient will love. We also included six gifts straight from our site if you need a little inspiration. 

Be Intentional with Where the Gift Comes From

Sometimes what the gift is, is only part of the experience. You can make a big impact when you get a gift from somewhere that matters to the recipient. Try and remember if the individual has mentioned a specific town they visited as a kid. Or they might have mentioned more than once that they enjoy visiting a specific place. You can get them something from that place to help make a connection to somewhere special to them. It’s important that you connect the gift and the place in the card. Be sure to make it clear to the receiver what the significance of the gift’s origin is. 

A great example from our website could be our Bubble Eco Friendly Candles. This could be a great gift to give someone from Sydney if they’re feeling a little homesick. In the note you could write, “I know you’ve been homesick for quite some time and I wanted to bring a little bit of Sydney to you. I hope this candle from the South Coast can brighten your day and make you feel a bit closer to home!”

Small & Practical Wins vs. Expensive & Flashy 

There’s a misconception in our culture that in order to give a great gift it has to be expensive and flashy. This just isn’t the case! Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the expensive and flashy ones. Rather, a smaller, more practical gift can be more impactful. If you’re going to give someone a smaller gift, be sure it’s the best kind of smaller gift you can give them. No one wants the third best nail file of all time gifted to them. 

A great gift example here is our Corkscrew Wooden Bottle Opener. It’s a small gift, but gifting a bottle opener with someone’s favourite kind of wine says you’ve thought about their whole experience. You want to make sure they’re able to enjoy their wine easily and conveniently. You’ve also left them with a gift they’ll use again and again. 

Don’t Buy at the Last Minute

Purchasing ahead of time isn’t only good for the planet, it’s also good for you. Think of your stress level when you’re able to buy Christmas gifts ahead of time. What’s the best way to purchase Christmas gifts ahead of time, you ask? Simple! Be on the lookout for a great gift year round! Make a note in your phone of things people mentioned wanting or needing. Buy gifts as you see them and make notes on your phone of what they are, who they’re for, and where you’ve put them. Come the festive season, you’ll only be buying for a handful of people! 

One of our favourite gifts to have on hand is our Hardcover Journal. It’s a gift that tells someone you value their ideas. Gifting them something practical and versatile also allows them to use the journal in a way that best fits their life. They can make it a journal, a planner, a place to make lists, or a doodle book. Whatever their decision, it’s the perfect fit for them. 

Gift for More than Just Them

It can be tricky to buy a gift for someone you’re not that close to. The super-gift-giver's move here is to consider who they’re closest to. For example, if you’re purchasing a gift for a coworker, who do they have a photo of on their desk? Is it their mom? Their partner? Their baby? Is there someone the recipient always talks about spending time with? Think of gifts that could create a great experience for both the person you’re buying for and someone you know they hold dear. 

Our Callie Gift Co recommendation for this type of gift is the Mama + Mini Newborn Box. This is the perfect gift for a new or expecting mum. It not only gives them a gift but gives gifts to their new little ones, too! 

Make the Wrapping Part of the Gift

The present doesn’t have to only be what’s inside of the wrapping - make the wrapping a part of the gift! Instead of using standard wrapping paper, wrap a pair of earrings in a scarf! Or put the gift in a bag that you know the person will enjoy and use. 

Our gift recommendation here is any of our pre-curated boxes. You have the opportunity to choose between our eco boxes, our signature keepsake box, or a customised engraved keepsake box. There’s no gift wrapping needed, and they can use the box in the years to come. 

Buy Gifts with Intention 

Purchase gifts with extra intention. Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you’re trying to decide if a gift is a good one or not. 

  • Is this a trendy gift? Do I want to buy them something that will go out of style?
  • Will this last them a decent amount of time? How will it hold up with the wear and tear that comes with life? 
  • What will happen to it when they no longer want it? Is this something that they could repurpose? That would hold value? Would someone else purchase it? Or would this end up in a landfill?

These questions can help you decide if a gift is a good fit for the recipient or not. Most gifts that will end up going straight to landfills or that won’t be able to handle life’s wear and tear may not make great gifts. 

Our example of a great, intentional gift at Callie Gift Co is our Timeless Old Fashioned Tumbler. The tumbler itself is beautiful and meant to last a lifetime (as long as you don’t drop it, of course!) It’s not too trendy, given that glassware is always in style. If it ended up in a thrift shop someone else would buy it and use it. Timeless Old Fashioned Tumblers are 10/10 gifts in our book. 

Some Important Gift Giving Etiquette

There are some standard gift giving etiquette we want to leave you with in case you haven’t heard it. 

  • Listen to people’s stories closely. The more you listen, the easier it is to pick out a gift for someone.
  • If someone tells you what they want, get them what they want. Don’t try and figure out something else they’d like more. It’s never a bad idea to get someone something they asked for. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Try and get a gauge for what someone would like before purchasing. 
  • Avoid cliches like roses and teddy bears unless someone asks for them, try and find something a bit more practical. 
  • We also think it's a good idea to buy things that won’t die, like flowers. Instead, why not get a dried posy bunch? They are just as beautiful as normal flowers and they’ll be around a whole lot longer! 

While it can be intimidating to buy a gift for someone, it’s important that you know one thing. Great gifts are out there. In fact, they’ve probably already been purchased at least once before you. You can find great gifts for all the people in your life! 

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